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What is Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Insurance?

In Singapore, as an employer, you are required to have Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Insurance for your employees.

This is not just a legal requirement but a crucial safety net that protects your team against work-related injuries or illnesses.

Under WICA, your employees can receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, and lump-sum payments for permanent incapacity or death, all without needing to pursue legal action.

This insurance ensures your employees are promptly supported financially if they’re injured on the job, while also safeguarding your business from the financial impact of these claims.

It’s a key component of maintaining a safe and secure workplace, highlighting the shared responsibility between you and your employees for health and safety.

Mandatory Requirement

In Singapore, WICA Insurance is a legal requirement for all employers, designed to protect both manual workers and non-manual workers earning up to a specified salary cap.

No-Fault Compensation

WICA Insurance operates on a no-fault basis, meaning employees can claim compensation for work-related injuries or diseases without needing to prove their employer was at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

It covers a wide range of compensation benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages due to work incapacity, and lump-sum payments for permanent disabilities or death.

Why WICA Insurance?


Legal Compliance and Protection

Purchasing WICA Insurance is not just about adhering to Singapore’s legal requirements; it’s also about safeguarding your business against potential legal and financial repercussions. By ensuring you have appropriate WICA coverage, you protect your business from penalties and fines for non-compliance, while also securing a safety net that can handle claims without resorting to costly and time-consuming court proceedings.


Employee Welfare and Satisfaction

Offering WICA Insurance demonstrates a commitment to your employees' health and safety, which is crucial for maintaining a motivated and secure workforce. This coverage assures employees that their welfare is a priority, fostering a positive work environment and potentially enhancing employee retention and satisfaction. Knowing they're protected in case of work-related injuries or illnesses can increase their loyalty and dedication to your company.


Financial Stability and Risk Management

WICA Insurance provides a structured and predictable framework for handling work-related injury claims, protecting your business from the unpredictability of direct financial liabilities. By transferring the financial risk to the insurance provider, you maintain operational and financial stability, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the looming threat of unexpected compensation costs.


Streamlined Claims Process

WICA Insurance simplifies the compensation process for work-related injuries and illnesses, providing a clear, streamlined pathway for claims. This efficiency reduces administrative burdens and speeds up the resolution of claims, ensuring employees receive timely support while minimising downtime for your business. The straightforward process also limits disputes, fostering a more harmonious employer-employee relationship.


Enhances Company Reputation

By securing WICA Insurance for your employees, you not only comply with legal requirements but also position your business as a responsible and caring employer. This commitment to employee welfare can enhance your company's reputation in the industry and attract top talent who value workplace safety and security. A strong reputation for caring for employees can also boost customer perception, contributing positively to your brand image.


Better Planning

With WICA Insurance in place, your business benefits from financial predictability in managing work-related injury or illness claims. The insurance coverage means you’re not faced with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, allowing for better financial planning and budgeting. Knowing that potential claims are covered, you can allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that sudden financial impacts do not derail your business's strategic plans or investment capacity.

Who should get workmen compensation insurance insurance in Singapore?

Businesses with Physical Locations

This encompasses a wide range of operations where employees are required to be on-site, such as retail stores, restaurants, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and offices. The physical presence of employees in these locations subjects them to potential workplace injuries, making WIC insurance critical for their protection.

Businesses with Employees Earning Below S$2,600/Month

This criterion includes organisations across sectors that employ non-manual workers at or below this salary threshold. Industries such as food services, retail, healthcare support, and educational support often have a significant number of employees falling into this category, necessitating WIC insurance to safeguard against work-related injuries or illnesses.

Manual Workers, Regardless of Salary Level

Virtually every sector that involves manual labor requires coverage under WIC insurance. This includes construction, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing, among others, where manual workers are at a higher risk of workplace accidents due to the nature of their work. These employees are covered by WIC insurance irrespective of their salary, ensuring comprehensive protection across a broad spectrum of physically demanding jobs.

Best Workmen Compensation Insurance (WICA) Plans in Singapore

allianz logo

Allianz Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Allianz offers robust Work Injury Compensation Insurance that functions as a safety net for both employees and employers under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).

This policy assures that employees receive necessary medical care and compensation for lost income during recovery, effectively protecting employers from potential lawsuits due to work-related injuries.

Specifically, Allianz provides lump sum compensation for death or permanent incapacity, covering medical expenses and medical leave wages.

This coverage is essential for maintaining workforce stability and safeguarding business integrity, ensuring that in the unforeseen event of an accident, both the employee's welfare and the company's operational continuity are secured.
chubb insurance logo

Chubb Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Chubb's Work Guard offers an exemplary work injury compensation solution, extending beyond the basic statutory limits.

It uniquely includes a high Common Law coverage up to S$15 million, and substantial medical expense coverage up to S$300,000, both of which are significantly above the typical requirements.

This policy is designed to provide comprehensive protection not only during work but also for non-occupational incidents, including accidental death and permanent total disablement up to S$50,000.

Chubb's commitment to exceeding statutory needs with additional benefits such as coverage for traditional Chinese medicine and non-contribution clauses makes it a standout choice for employers seeking extensive employee protection and legal compliance.
liberty insurance logo

Liberty Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Liberty Insurance takes a thorough approach to meeting the requirements of the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) with its Work Injury Compensation/Employer’s Liability Insurance.

It covers all necessary aspects such as compensation for employee death, injury, or sickness incurred during employment.

Liberty's policy ensures that employers are not only meeting statutory insurance requirements but are also covered against legal liabilities towards their employees.

This protection extends to various employment types, though it excludes certain groups like self-employed individuals and public service officers.

The coverage details and extent of protection help reinforce employer commitment to employee safety and legal compliance.
Singlife logo

Singlife Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Singlife's MyBusiness Insurance offers a versatile and comprehensive suite of protections to shield SMEs from various workplace risks.

The core of MyBusiness Insurance includes coverage for All Risks, Public Liability, and Work Injury Compensation, essential for safeguarding your business assets and operations.

All Risks coverage ensures protection against accidental loss or damage to business contents up to S$250,000.

This coverage is critical for scenarios like fire damage to physical assets such as order counters, tables, and chairs in a restaurant setting, ensuring a rapid recovery from unexpected incidents.

The policy also provides Public Liability coverage, protecting against legal liability for third-party injury or property damage, and Work Injury Compensation, which covers employee claims due to work-related accidents or illnesses as stipulated by the WICA.

Optional add-ons enhance the policy, including Business Interruption coverage, which safeguards against loss of profit if business operations are disrupted, and Fidelity Guarantee, which protects against financial losses due to employee fraud or dishonesty.
ntuc income logo

NTUC Income Work Injury Compensation Insurance

NTUC Income's Business Insurance Package is designed to shield your venture from a spectrum of risks, ensuring that both your assets and operations are safeguarded.

This robust package covers damage or loss of stocks, furniture, fixtures, and fittings, encompassing theft through robbery or hold-up attempts, as well as loss of money either in transit within Singapore or locked in a safe on your premises.

Their coverage extends to your liabilities under the Work Injury Compensation Act for any death or bodily injury to your employees, as well as your legal liability for any third-party property damage or bodily injuries.

This package is not only about protecting the physical assets but also about preserving the operational integrity of your business.

Enhancements are available to cover business interruptions, plate glass damage, personal accidents, and fidelity guarantees, allowing you to tailor the coverage to the unique needs of your business.

With NTUC Income's Business Insurance Package, rest assured that you have a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of risk management, providing a safety net that lets you focus on growing your business without the worry of unexpected setbacks.
msig logo

MSIG Workmen Injury Compensation Insurance

MSIG understands that workplace safety is a paramount concern, which is why their Work Injury Compensation Insurance offers comprehensive protection tailored for your peace of mind.

Their policy ensures coverage against legal liabilities, including all associated defence costs and expenses that may arise from Common Law claims, providing a robust safety net against workplace accidents.

For employees suffering from injuries, our coverage extends to lost earnings, medical leave, and medical expenses, ensuring that they are supported during their recovery.

Additionally, in tragic cases of permanent incapacity or death, the policy provides a lump sum compensation to the employee’s family, helping them to manage during difficult times.

Trust MSIG to safeguard your business and your most valuable asset – your employees.
tokio marine logo

Tokio Marine Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Tokio Marine's Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Insurance offers a vital safety net for employers, ensuring comprehensive coverage for employees who suffer work-related injuries, occupational illnesses, or diseases.

This policy is integral in covering the employer's legal liability to compensate employees, adhering strictly to the stipulations of the Work Injury Compensation Act.

The coverage includes medical expenses, lump sum compensation for death or permanent incapacity, and medical leave wages, calculated based on a fixed formula and subject to certain caps.

One significant strength of Tokio Marine's policy is the high limit on Common Law claims, with coverage up to S$10,000,000 for any one claim or series of claims arising from a single event.

This extensive coverage ensures that employers can handle potential high-cost liabilities smoothly.

It's important to note that while the policy covers a comprehensive range of incidents, exclusions include war, civil unrest, terrorism, radioactive and nuclear risks, and pollution or contamination.

With Tokio Marine, you can take comfort in knowing that both you and your employees are protected under a robust policy framework, ensuring peace of mind in the face of workplace uncertainties.

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Is WICA compulsory?

Yes, Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) insurance is compulsory for all employers in Singapore.

This legal mandate requires employers to secure WICA insurance for all manual workers, as well as non-manual workers earning up to S$2,600 per month, ensuring these employees are covered for work-related injuries or diseases.

The requirement underscores Singapore’s commitment to worker welfare, aiming to provide a straightforward and efficient compensation process for employees injured on the job while protecting employers from significant financial liabilities.

By making WICA insurance mandatory, the Singaporean government ensures a baseline of protection for a significant portion of the workforce, emphasising the importance of workplace safety and financial security for both employees and employers.

What does WICA insurance cover?

WICA insurance in Singapore is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for employees in the event of work-related injuries, illnesses, or death. 

Specifically, it covers medical expenses, including hospital bills and costs for medical treatment related to the work injury, compensation for permanent incapacity or if the injury results in a lasting disability, and compensation for temporary incapacity, which covers wages lost during the period an employee is unable to work.

Additionally, in the unfortunate event of death, WICA insurance provides a lump sum compensation to the employee’s dependents.

Ultimately, the exact coverage and sum assured will depend on the policy you purchased – making it essential to find one that suits your budget and business needs.

How much is WICA insurance?

The cost of WICA insurance in Singapore varies widely based on several factors, including the nature of the business, the risk level associated with the industry, the number of employees covered, and their salary levels.

Premiums are tailored to the specific risk profile of a business, with higher-risk industries like construction and manufacturing typically facing higher insurance costs due to the increased likelihood of workplace accidents.

Additionally, the total payroll and the mix of manual and non-manual workers, as well as their respective salary ranges, significantly influence the premium calculations.

As a result, businesses might see annual premiums ranging from a few hundred to several thousand Singapore Dollars, emphasising the need for employers to consult with insurance providers or brokers to get an accurate quote tailored to their specific business needs and workforce characteristics.

How to buy WICA insurance?

You can purchase WICA insurance from any general insurance agent or broker.

We recommend purchasing from Corporate Cover’s partners as you can leverage our network of business insurance specialists to find a policy that best fits your needs. 

Our platform connects you with our trusted partners, who are experienced in brokering for a wide range of reputable insurers, including Allianz, Chubb, and AIG, among others.

Our partners will guide you through the process, helping you compare quotes from popular insurers to ensure you receive comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

By choosing to buy WICA insurance through Corporate Cover’s partners, you benefit from expert advice, personalised service, and access to exclusive deals that might not be available elsewhere, making the process of securing the right insurance for your business seamless and cost-effective.

Can I buy WICA insurance online?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase WICA insurance online through Corporate Cover’s partners.

Our platform facilitates an easy and efficient online process where you can connect with our network of insurance specialists.

Our partners have established relationships with a wide range of reputable insurers, allowing them to offer you competitive quotes and comprehensive coverage options tailored to your business needs.

The entire process, from obtaining quotes to finalising your insurance purchase, can be completed online, providing you with a hassle-free way to secure WICA insurance that meets your specific requirements. 

What WICA insurers can your partners help me with?

Our partners boast an extensive network that includes a comprehensive list of reputable WICA insurers, ensuring that you have access to a wide selection of policies tailored to meet your business’s specific needs.

They can broker deals with major insurers known for their reliable work injury compensation coverage, such as AIG, Allianz, Chubb, Etiqa, Liberty Insurance, and more.

If you have a preferred insurer in mind, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Why you should get your WICA insurance with Corporate Cover


Ensured Regulatory Compliance

Our understanding of Singapore’s regulatory landscape allows us to offer WICA insurance solutions that not only comply with legal requirements but also are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Our partners are proficient in the nuances of WICA compliance, ensuring that your coverage meets and exceeds the mandatory standards set forth by Singaporean law.

This attention to regulatory compliance protects your business from potential fines and legal issues, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core operations.


Cost Efficiency

Choosing Corporate Cover for your WICA insurance means you benefit from our partners' expert negotiation skills and extensive insurer network.

Our partners are adept at securing competitive premiums that are cost-effective without compromising the quality of coverage.

By leveraging their relationships and volume pricing agreements with insurers, we ensure that you receive the most value for your investment, directly contributing to reduced operational costs for your business.


Exceptional Support

At Corporate Cover, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, ensuring that the process of obtaining WICA insurance is smooth, transparent, and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our partners are dedicated to providing personalised support throughout the entire process, from understanding your business's unique requirements to assisting with claims handling.

This high level of service ensures that you have a reliable advisor by your side, ready to address any concerns and offer solutions promptly.

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