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What is Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI) in Singapore is a mandatory insurance policy designed to ensure that foreign workers receive necessary medical care without imposing financial burdens on their employers.

It covers medical expenses, including hospital bills and day surgery, arising from accidents or illnesses that occur during the worker’s stay in Singapore. This insurance is crucial for employers as it complies with regulatory requirements, protects their workforce, and ensures business continuity by managing health-related risks efficiently.

Why Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?​


Legal Requirement

Foreign worker medical insurance in Singapore is a regulatory necessity for employers hiring foreign workers. Ensuring compliance with these legal stipulations avoids potential penalties and legal issues, making it essential for maintaining lawful business operations.


Financial Security

By investing in FWMI, employers safeguard against potentially high medical costs resulting from worker illness or injury. This coverage helps manage financial risks effectively, ensuring that unexpected medical expenses do not impact the company's budget.


Employee Support

Providing foreign worker medical insurance demonstrates a commitment to the health and well-being of your workforce. This not only enhances job satisfaction and employee retention but also promotes a healthier, more productive work environment.

Who should get foreign worker medical insurance?

Construction and Engineering Firms

Construction and engineering firms in Singapore heavily rely on foreign labour for various projects. Having foreign workers’ medical insurance ensures that these workers are covered in case of any work-related injuries or health issues, minimising downtime and maintaining on-site productivity.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies often employ many foreign workers to handle various production processes. Foreign worker medical insurance is crucial for these businesses to manage healthcare costs effectively and ensure that their workforce remains healthy and capable of meeting production demands.

Businesses with Foreign Workers

Companies across various sectors that employ foreign workers, especially in roles that involve physical labour should get FWMI. FWMI helps manage healthcare expenses effectively, ensuring that foreign employees are well cared for, supporting the company’s operational continuity.

Best Foreign Worker Medical Insurance Plans in Singapore

ntuc income logo

NTUC Income foreign worker medical insurance

Ensure your foreign worker employees are fully protected with NTUC Income's WorkMedic Insurance. This robust policy provides 24/7 coverage, offering peace of mind with a coverage cap of up to $60,000 per year for hospitalisation expenses and surgical bills.

In the event of an accident, your employees will benefit from up to $15,000 coverage annually with no co-insurance charges applied. Beyond this limit, a modest co-insurance of 25% is required, balancing affordability with extensive care.

The insurance covers both inpatient and outpatient treatments directly to hospitals, ensuring that your employees receive the care they need without undue delay or paperwork.

For catastrophic events, the policy extends up to $3,000 for death and $10,000 for accidental death not related to work, adding an additional layer of security for your team's families.

Additionally, the policy includes up to $2,000 for repatriation of remains and $200 for outpatient dental treatment resulting from accidents, illustrating a comprehensive approach to employee welfare.
tokio marine logo

tokio marine foreign worker medical insurance

TMCare from Tokio Marine offers a specialised Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance plan tailored specifically for your foreign workers holding Work Permit or S-Pass.

This plan ensures that your employees are covered for a wide range of medical necessities, including hospital room and board for up to 60 days, intensive care for up to 10 days, and miscellaneous hospital services.

The plan also includes coverage for surgical procedures, and specialist consultations, with pre and post-hospitalisation care covered for up to 90 days surrounding a hospital stay.

The insurance provides a notable sum insured of $15,000 per disability with no co-insurance deductible, ensuring straightforward and comprehensive protection.

Additionally, the plan includes valuable benefits such as repatriation of body remains in case of non-work related death and Permanent Total Disability benefits, enhancing the support provided to your workforce in unfortunate events.
liberty insurance logo

liberty foreign worker medical insurance

Liberty Insurance offers a tailored Foreign Worker Medical Insurance that ensures your foreign employees are well-protected throughout their employment in Singapore.

This plan features comprehensive coverage with no specific illness exclusions, illustrating a commitment to broad health support.

The policy includes both a Basic and Basic Plus Plan, each with an annual policy limit of S$60,000.

The Basic Plan involves a 25% co-insurance for claims exceeding S$15,000 per policy period, while the Basic Plus Plan offers zero co-insurance, maximising the coverage accessibility for your employees.

Key benefits under this insurance include hospital room and board, intensive care, surgical fees, and in-hospital physician visits, all provided as charged up to the annual policy limit.

The policy supports pre-hospitalisation diagnostic tests and specialist consultations up to 90 days before hospitalisation and covers post-hospitalisation treatment for the same duration after discharge.

Moreover, it offers personal accident coverage for non-work related incidents and covers repatriation expenses of mortal remains, ensuring dignity and support in the most challenging times.

The policy does not impose minimum hours for hospital confinement, making it highly adaptable to varied medical scenarios.
etiqa logo

etiqa foreign worker medical insurance

Etiqa's Accident & Health Insurance offers a robust safety net for businesses looking to protect their employees from unforeseen injuries, death, and permanent disabilities.

The insurance plan is geared towards providing essential protection against accidents and health-related issues that can occur in the workplace.

It is important for employers to consider such insurance to mitigate the financial impacts of accidents and health incidents that could affect their employees.

Businesses interested in this plan are advised to consult with a qualified adviser to ensure that the policy fits their specific needs and circumstances.
msig logo

MSIG foreign worker medical insurance

MSIG has a comprehensive plan designed to protect your business and its foreign workmen from potential disruptions due to illnesses or accidents.

This insurance is particularly crafted to fulfil mandatory coverage requirements set by MOM.

This insurance guarantees up to the maximum aggregate sum of the guarantee value, providing a critical safety net for businesses that rely heavily on foreign labour.

This plan does not cover foreign domestic maids, focusing instead on foreign workmen, which underscores its tailored approach to different workforce needs within Singapore.
sompo insurance logo

Sompo foreign worker medical insurance

Sompo's Group MediWell Classic insurance provides an essential safety net tailored to the needs of foreign workers in Singapore, aligning with the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) mandatory insurance requirements.

This group medical insurance plan is meticulously designed to ensure comprehensive coverage and financial support for your foreign employees in the event of illness or hospitalisation.

The Group MediWell Classic offers 2 plan options to cater to different needs: Plan 1 includes a co-payment feature, where employers are responsible for 25% of the claim amounts exceeding the initial S$15,000 per year.

Plan 2 eliminates the co-payment, providing full coverage up to the annual limit of S$60,000.

Both plans cover a wide range of medical necessities including room and board in a 4-bedded (B1 ward) setting, intensive care, surgical fees, and both pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses.

Additional strengths of the MediWell Classic include specialised benefits like emergency accidental outpatient treatment up to S$300, a special grant of S$3,000, and extended benefits such as repatriation of mortal remains or personal accident death coverage for non-work related incidents, each providing up to S$2,000 and S$10,000 respectively.

The plan also offers overseas hospitalisation benefits due to emergencies, further enhancing its appeal by covering global medical emergencies up to S$3,000.
Great Eastern Singapore logo

great eastern foreign worker medical insurance

Great Eastern offers a comprehensive suite of group insurance options that cater to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations in Singapore.

Their plans include the Great Employee Benefits Plus (GEB+) package for companies with fewer than 50 employees, which provides simple, cost-effective, and portfolio-rated insurance solutions.

The GEB+ package provides worldwide 24-hour protection, covering hospitalisation costs, illnesses, and accidents, whether incidents occur at work or at home.

It includes basic plans such as Group Term Life Assurance and Group Hospitalisation and Surgical with Major Medical Benefits.

Optional riders include Group Living Assurance and outpatient services, which provide access to over 300 clinics island-wide, as well as Group Personal Accident insurance.

For companies needing more tailored solutions, Great Eastern offers customisable plans that cover death, total and permanent disability, major illnesses, personal accidents, and surgical and hospital expenses.

Additional riders can extend coverage to meet the expenses that exceed the benefits payable under basic hospital and surgical insurance.

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Is foreign worker medical insurance (FWMI) compulsory in Singapore?

Yes, Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI) is compulsory in Singapore for all employers hiring foreign workers. 

This requirement ensures that employers provide medical coverage for their foreign employees, covering hospitalisation and surgical needs. 

The mandate is part of the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) regulations to protect both workers and employers from the high costs of medical care in Singapore.

Is it compulsory for employer to pay medical expenses in Singapore?

Yes, it is compulsory for employers in Singapore to pay for the medical expenses of their employees, especially in the context of work-related injuries or illnesses.

This requirement is enforced to ensure that workers receive timely and adequate medical care without bearing the financial burden, which could affect their welfare and ability to work.

Employers typically manage this responsibility through purchasing necessary insurance like the Foreign Worker Medical Insurance, which covers the medical expenses of foreign workers.

What happens if you can't pay the hospital bills for your foreign worker in Singapore?

If an employer in Singapore cannot pay the hospital bills for a foreign worker, the situation could lead to serious legal and financial consequences.

As per the Ministry of Manpower’s regulations, employers must have Foreign Worker Medical Insurance covering at least the specified minimum medical coverage for their foreign employees.

Failure to provide for their medical expenses, especially if the insurance does not cover the full amount, could result in penalties, revocation of work pass privileges, or other legal actions.

Employers must ensure that their insurance policies adequately cover potential medical costs to avoid such complications.

What's the difference between foreign workers medical insurance and WICA?

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI) and the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) insurance serve different but complementary purposes in Singapore.

FWMI is specifically designed to cover the non work-related medical expenses of foreign workers, including hospitalisation and surgical needs, ensuring that employers meet their legal obligations to provide medical care for their employees.

On the other hand, WICA insurance provides compensation for all employees for work-related injuries or diseases, covering medical leave wages, medical expenses, and lump-sum compensation for permanent incapacity or death.

While FWMI focuses primarily on medical costs, WICA offers a broader scope of financial protection against the consequences of work-related injuries or illnesses.

How much FWMI do I need?

The amount of Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI) coverage you need depends on several factors, including the nature of your business, the number of foreign workers employed, and the specific health risks associated with their job roles.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower mandates minimum coverage requirements for FWMI, which typically includes hospitalisation and surgical coverage.

However, it is advisable to consider additional coverage based on potential medical needs and risks.

To determine the appropriate amount of FWMI, you should assess the specific work conditions and potential health risks faced by your foreign workers.

Our partners can also provide tailored advice, ensuring that you not only meet the legal requirements but also provide sufficient protection for your employees, which can help in maintaining their health and productivity.

How do I claim foreign workers medical insurance?​

To claim foreign workers’ medical insurance, the process can vary depending on the insurer. If your policy was purchased through our partners, you can contact them directly for assistance with the claims process.

Can I buy FWMI insurance online?

Yes, you can buy FWMI online. Our partners are equipped to assist you with an online purchase.

They provide a streamlined process where you can select and buy the appropriate FWMI policy that meets your business needs.

This online process is designed to be convenient, allowing you to secure insurance coverage efficiently without the need to visit a physical office.

Simply contact one of our partners, who will guide you through the online selection and purchase process.

What FWMI insurers can your partners help me with?

Our partners can help you with a wide range of reputable insurers for Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI).

They have established relationships with numerous insurance companies, ensuring that you have access to various coverage options.

Some of the insurers our partners can broker for include but are not limited to:

  • AIG
  • Allianz
  • AXA
  • China Taiping
  • Chubb
  • Liberty
  • MSIG
  • NTUC Income
  • QBE
  • Tokio Marine


This extensive network allows them to offer competitive rates and tailored insurance solutions, ensuring that you find the best fit for your business needs.

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Why you should get your foreign worker medical insurance with Corporate Cover


Reducing Costs

Choosing Corporate Cover for your Foreign Worker Medical Insurance can lead to significant cost savings.

Our extensive network of partners allows them to offer competitive pricing and tailored insurance solutions that fit your budget.

They leverage their relationships to negotiate better terms on your behalf, ensuring you receive the most value for your investment.

This way, you can reduce your overall insurance costs while maintaining comprehensive coverage.


Regulatory Compliance

Getting your Foreign Worker Medical Insurance through Corporate Cover ensures that you meet all regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Our partners understand the complexities of compliance in Singapore, and our services are designed to keep you fully aligned with legal obligations without any hassle.

This peace of mind allows you to focus on your core business activities, knowing that your compliance needs are expertly managed.


Exceptional Customer Service

At Corporate Cover, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier customer service.

Our partners are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and supportive insurance experience.

From purchasing your policy to making claims, we are here to help every step of the way.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our approach to service, making insurance management effortless for you.

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