Muhammad Firdaus Syazwani

Firdaus – Founder

Meet Firdaus, our founder who started Dollar Bureau in 2019 and now Corporate Cover. He studied business at a local university, graduating as the valedictorian of his cohort. 

With a deep-rooted passion for empowering individuals and SMEs, Firdaus has leveraged his extensive network of MAS-licensed financial advisors to provide tailored guidance and solutions in personal finance and business insurance.

Through Dollar Bureau, he helps thousands navigate investments, insurance, and fund optimisations, while Corporate Cover, born from his own challenges while running a business, specialises in making business insurance accessible and understandable.

His commitment to transparency and client education defines his approach, making him a trusted ally in financial and business insurance consulting.

He heads the Corporate Cover and Dollar Bureau team – from business to marketing. 

Edward Hee

Edward Hee – Financial Reviewer

Edward Hee is a seasoned financial advisor with a rich background in the industry, currently lending his expertise to Dollar Bureau as a financial content reviewer, ensuring accuracy and relevance across our publications.

Formerly an Associate Director of Sales, Edward transitioned to a role that aligns with his passion for financial literacy, significantly contributing to empowering Singaporeans to make informed financial decisions.

While his license was in personal finance, Edward’s extensive network and keen interest in the business insurance sector provide valuable perspectives for Corporate Cover.

His curiosity for exploration and development has led him overseas, where he is actively engaging with global markets and seeking new business opportunities, further enhancing his understanding and capabilities in the financial sector.

This blend of expertise and innovative spirit makes Edward an invaluable asset to both our platforms, upholding our commitment to trustworthy and comprehensive financial guidance.