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What is Business All Risk

Business All Risk Insurance is a versatile insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive protection for businesses against a broad spectrum of risks. 

This type of insurance covers the unexpected losses or damages to the property and assets of a business, extending beyond standard perils like fire and theft to include accidental damage and other unforeseen events. 

It’s a critical tool for business owners, offering a safeguard that ensures operational continuity and financial stability in the face of challenges. 

With Business All Risk Insurance, you can navigate the complexities of the business environment with confidence, knowing you’re protected against both common and unique risks.

Theft and Burglary

Business All Risk Insurance offers protection against losses or damages resulting from theft or burglary, ensuring that businesses can recover from such incidents without bearing the full financial burden. This coverage is crucial as it addresses direct losses of goods or damages to the premises, helping businesses quickly resume operations.

Accidental Damage

This policy covers accidental damage to business property and assets, providing a safety net for unexpected events that could otherwise disrupt business operations. It encompasses a wide range of accidents, from minor damages to significant destructions, offering businesses the flexibility to claim for repairs or replacements.

Fire Damage

One of the foundational perils covered by Business All Risk Insurance, fire damage protection safeguards businesses from the devastating impact of fires. This coverage includes compensation for the loss of property, equipment, and inventory, ensuring that businesses can rebuild and recover without the daunting financial pressures that typically follow such disasters.

And More

Business All Risk Insurance goes beyond just covering theft, accidental damage, and fire. It encompasses a wide array of additional perils, ensuring businesses are protected against a diverse range of unexpected event which might have a profound impact on operations and financial stability. The policy's extensive coverage reassures business owners that they're well-prepared for not only the common risks but also for the less predictable challenges that could arise, safeguarding their investments and operational continuity.

Why Business All Risk Insurance?


Comprehensive Coverage

Singapore's diverse business environment demands a versatile insurance solution. Business All Risk Insurance provides that by covering a broad spectrum of perils, from theft and accidental damage to natural disasters, which are crucial in a country that, while not commonly affected by natural catastrophes, can still experience unexpected events like flash floods or haze from forest fires in the region.


Business Continuity

In a fast-paced market like Singapore's, any disruption can lead to significant financial losses and erode competitive edges. This insurance helps ensure that businesses can quickly recover from unforeseen incidents, minimising downtime and maintaining customer trust and operational continuity.


Legal and Contractual Compliance

Singapore's business operations often involve leasing or renting commercial spaces where insurance coverage is a legal or contractual requirement. Business All Risk Insurance meets these requirements, providing peace of mind to both business owners and property managers.


Global Business Exposure

Many businesses in Singapore have a regional or global footprint, exposing them to a wide range of risks beyond the local context. Business All Risk Insurance offers the flexibility to tailor coverage to the specific needs of businesses that operate internationally, including protection against incidents occurring overseas.


Risk Management Strategy

Adopting Business All Risk Insurance is a proactive risk management strategy that aligns with Singapore's regulatory and economic framework. It not only protects against direct losses but also supports a company's long-term sustainability by managing potential liabilities and enhancing its risk profile.


Adaptability to Changing Business Needs

Singapore's economy is constantly developing. As your business evolve, so do your risks. Business All Risk Insurance is highly adaptable, allowing for coverage adjustments as a business grows or changes direction. Whether it's scaling operations, entering new markets, or adopting new technologies, this insurance can be tailored to meet these evolving needs.

Who should get business all risk insurance?

Retail and E-commerce Businesses

This category encompasses a broad range of businesses, from brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces, offering products ranging from apparel and electronics to groceries and home goods. These businesses often have significant investments in inventory and rely heavily on their physical and digital assets to operate efficiently. Business All Risk Insurance is crucial for protecting against theft, damage to goods, cyber risks, and other unexpected events that can severely impact their operations and financial stability.

Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

This group includes businesses involved in the production of goods, ranging from small manufacturing units to large industrial complexes across sectors like electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and automotive. These companies have extensive physical assets, including machinery, equipment, and warehouses, making them highly susceptible to risks such as equipment breakdown, fire, and accidental damage. Business All Risk Insurance offers a layer of protection that is essential for ensuring operational continuity and safeguarding their significant capital investments.

Service Providers and Professional Firms

This broad category covers businesses that provide a wide array of services, including IT and tech companies, consulting firms, financial services, and healthcare providers. While these businesses may not have the same level of physical assets as retail or manufacturing companies, they are still at risk of suffering losses from events like data breaches, accidental damage to equipment, or business interruption. Business All Risk Insurance is vital for these businesses to cover the diverse risks they face, ensuring they can continue to provide their services without interruption.

Best Business All Risk Insurance Plans in Singapore

aig logo

AIG Business All Risk Insurance

AIG’s All Risks and Business Interruption Insurance offers robust protection for businesses in energy and engineered risk sectors. Key features include:

  • Global Reach: Backed by a worldwide team of specialists, AIG ensures comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of energy-related industries.
  • Accidental Damage: Covers accidental physical loss, destruction, or damage to insured property, excluding only those causes specifically listed.
  • Business Interruption: Provides for losses resulting from business interruptions or interferences, helping to stabilise income streams during recovery periods.
  • Loss Control Services: Access to global loss control consultants who assist in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with energy exposures, which is invaluable in maintaining operational reliability and reducing potential losses.


This insurance package is designed to meet the complex needs of industries like oil, petrochemicals, power generation, and mining, emphasising prevention and continuous operation.

ntuc income logo

NTUC Income Business All Risk Insurance

Protect your business with NTUC Income’s Business Insurance Package, tailored to safeguard against common risks like fire, theft, and work-related injuries. This comprehensive coverage stands out by covering a wide range of business assets and situations:

  • Property Damage: Covers loss or damage of stocks, furniture, fixtures, fittings, and other business contents.
  • Theft: Protects against losses from theft, including robbery, hold-up, or any attempted threats, ensuring security for your business assets.
  • Money Coverage: Shields against the loss of money either in transit within Singapore or when secured in a safe/drawer at your business premises.
  • Work Injury Compensation: Ensures compliance with the Work Injury Compensation Act, covering your liability for employee death or bodily injury, which is crucial for maintaining workforce stability and legal compliance.
  • Third-party Liability: Covers legal liabilities to third parties for property damage or bodily injuries, safeguarding your business from potential lawsuits.


By integrating these coverages, NTUC Income’s Business Insurance Package not only protects your physical assets and financial stability but also supports continuous business operations with minimal disruptions.

liberty insurance logo

Liberty Business All Risk Insurance

Liberty Insurance offers All Risks Insurance, a protective measure for your industrial, commercial, or office machinery and equipment against unexpected and accidental losses. Highlights of this insurance include:

  • Broad Coverage: Covers accidental loss or damage to machinery and equipment from any peril not explicitly excluded, which offers peace of mind against a wide array of risks.
  • Focused Protection: Specifically designed for businesses relying heavily on machinery and equipment, ensuring that unexpected damages do not impede business operations or financial stability.
  • Policy Flexibility: The coverage terms, conditions, and exclusions are designed to provide tailored protection that aligns with specific business needs, allowing businesses to focus on their operational activities without undue worry about potential risks.


Liberty’s All Risks Insurance is particularly beneficial for businesses that require constant operational readiness and face high costs associated with equipment repair or replacement.

chubb insurance logo

Chubb Business All Risk Insurance

Chubb Select+ is designed specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to navigate the uncertainties of business with robust insurance coverage. Here are the key highlights:

  • Wide Standard Cover: Protects against first-party property damage, theft of cash, and employee dishonesty (Fidelity Guarantee) and provides coverage for public/general liability and workers' injury compensation.
  • Goods In Transit: Secures the movement of goods within Singapore, adding an essential layer of safety for businesses that depend on the transportation of goods.
  • Specified All Risks for Portable Items: Covers damage to portable items like laptops and mobile phones anywhere in Singapore or worldwide, ensuring mobile assets are protected.
  • Business Interruption: Offers protection against loss of profits due to business interruption from damages, which is crucial for maintaining financial stability.
  • Machinery Breakdown: Includes coverage for physical machinery breakdown, safeguarding crucial business operations.
  • Group Personal Accident: Provides personal injury or death coverage for insured employees, adding a valuable safety net for your team.


This package is tailored to offer comprehensive protection tailored to SMEs' specific needs, providing a safety cushion against a variety of risks and ensuring smooth business operations.

msig logo

MSIG Business All Risk Insurance

MSIG’s All Risks Insurance offers extensive coverage to safeguard your business assets against unexpected events. Key features include:

  • Material Damage Cover: Protects property, machinery, inventory, and business assets against a wide range of incidents such as fire, explosion, water damage, and burglary.
  • Accidental Loss or Damage Cover: Shields high precision equipment or high-value items from losses due to breakage or theft, crucial for businesses dealing with delicate or expensive assets.
  • Business Interruption Cover: Compensates for loss of income due to business downtime caused by insured events, helping maintain cash flow during interruptions.


MSIG’s policy ensures that your business can recover swiftly from unforeseen damages and continue operations with minimal financial impact.

etiqa logo

Etiqa Business All Risk Insurance

Etiqa's Business Owners Super Suite (BOSS) offers a comprehensive insurance solution tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises across various sectors. Coverage highlights include:

  • All Risks Coverage: Includes a broad spectrum of perils, with a focus on contents, theft of keys, and property at exhibitions.
  • Business Interruption: Covers loss of business income up to 100 days following an incident, critical for sustaining operations during recovery.
  • Money Coverage: Protects cash in transit, in premises, and in safes, securing financial assets against theft or loss.
  • Personal Accident: Provides death/permanent disablement coverage for up to 2 named persons, with options to extend coverage.
  • Public Liability: Offers liability protection up to $500,000, with options for increased limits and specific coverage for hair and beauty treatments.
  • Goods In Transit: Ensures the safety of goods during transportation, vital for businesses dependent on supply chain operations.


Etiqa’s BOSS plans are flexible, providing tailored protections to meet the diverse needs of different business types, ensuring comprehensive coverage against a range of risks.

tokio marine logo

Tokio Marine Business All Risk Insurance

Tokio Marine's All Risks Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to protect your business assets against a variety of risks, ensuring peace of mind and security for your livelihood. Here are the main features:

  • Extensive Asset Coverage: This policy covers losses or damages to business premises assets, including fire, theft, and other accidents or misfortunes. It protects a wide range of items such as office equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, industrial plants, machinery, and even mobile items like notebooks and cameras.
  • Plan Flexibility: The policy allows for annual renewals, and premiums vary based on the risk exposure and the chosen sum insured, tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of each business.
  • Exclusions: The insurance does not cover events like natural wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns, or damages due to war and governmental actions, ensuring clarity on coverage limits.

Tokio Marine's All Risks Insurance is designed to offer solid protection for all key business assets, helping businesses manage risks effectively and maintain operational stability in the face of unforeseen incidents.

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What is another name for all risk insurance?

Another common name for Business All Risk Insurance is “Open Perils Insurance.” This term reflects the broad and inclusive nature of the coverage, distinguishing it from more traditional, named perils policies that only protect against specific risks listed in the policy.

This comprehensive approach to insurance ensures that policyholders are protected against the unpredictability of numerous potential losses, making it a preferred choice for those seeking extensive coverage. 

What is all risk vs all peril?

The terms “All Risk” and “All Peril” in the context of insurance often lead to confusion, but they essentially refer to the same concept of insurance coverage. 

Both terms are used to describe insurance policies that offer broad protection against a wide range of risks or perils, providing coverage for any risk that is not specifically excluded in the policy documents. 

The main distinction, if any, lies more in terminology rather than in the coverage provided.

How much does business all risk insurance cost in Singapore?

The cost of Business All Risk Insurance in Singapore varies significantly based on your business’s size, industry, asset value, chosen coverage limits, and specific risks. 

For small to medium enterprises, premiums might range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually, whereas larger or high-risk businesses could see costs escalate to tens of thousands. 

By providing detailed information about your business, including security measures and claims history, and choosing higher deductibles, you can influence the premium costs. 

To ensure you get the most cost-effective coverage tailored to your business’s unique needs, it’s crucial to compare quotes and options from various insurance providers or consult with our brokers in Singapore. 

This proactive approach allows you to secure comprehensive protection while managing your insurance expenses efficiently.

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Why you should get your business all risk insurance with Corporate Cover


Reducing Costs

When you choose to insure your business with us, you're not just getting Business All Risk Insurance; you're investing in a strategic partnership designed to reduce your operational costs.

We leverage our extensive network of business insurance specialists and insurers, including renowned names like Allianz, Chubb, and AIG, to secure competitive pricing and volume discounts.

This approach ensures that you receive not just comprehensive coverage but also cost-efficient solutions that directly contribute to your bottom line.


Regulatory Compliance

Operating a business in Singapore comes with its set of regulatory obligations, including insurance requirements that can vary widely across different industries.

Our expertise and deep understanding of Singapore's regulatory landscape enable us to guide you toward Business All Risk Insurance policies that not only meet but exceed these compliance requirements.

You safeguard your business against potential legal and financial penalties, ensuring your operations are always in line with the latest regulations.


Increased Revenue

While the primary role of Business All Risk Insurance is to protect against losses, our approach to insurance can also indirectly support your revenue growth.

By minimising disruptions and financial setbacks through robust risk management, we help ensure that your business operates smoothly, maintaining customer trust and service continuity.

This allows you to focus on growth and expansion activities, potentially increasing your market share and revenue.

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